Mareczek the Clown's House


Independent child: from 120 cm

Child with parent: to 120 cm

If you are looking to really challenge your mind, be sure to visit this place.

Here the statement "the world has turned upside down" takes on a completely different meaning...

thanks to a very mischievous, wacky, Crazy Clown Mareczek, who turned his whole house upside down! The house is standing on its roof, causing you to lose your sense of balance as you cannot determine where the floor actually is.

Don't waste your time looking for the familiar forces of gravity here as they have been replaced by mysterious powers. Come inside this unique house and see for yourself how they work, though maybe this time don't try to feel at home.

Clown Mareczek's reflections on the landscape of Rabkoland.

"As I was painting the picture, everything was beautiful: the mountains in the background, the big wheel, the little houses and the strange devices... only one house spoils the whole view - its roof bothers me a lot... I think I will turn it upside down".

Bilet wstępu do Rabkolandu

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