Independent child: from 100 cm

Child with parent: to 100 cm

The traditional Venetian Carousel is a must for every child in our park.

Every element dazzles with colours and presents a high level of attention to detail.

The carousel consists of:

  • 16 galloping horses
  • 3 stationary, standing horses
  • Baroque carriage
  • Center pole

Comfortable saddles are designed to fit a child's small size.

The ride is also enhanced by atmospheric period music. All those elements create a coherent whole that makes up one of the most beautiful carousels in Poland.

From Krucabomba's notes:

"Ever since I put the pony carousel in the pen, the Irena sheep have been acting strange. They put on saddles and gallop across the lawn... are they jealous?"

Bilet wstępu do Rabkolandu

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