Rock Eater


Independent child: from 110 cm

Child with parent: from 100 cm

A merry-go-round designed not only for the youngest children!

This attraction replaced the well-known and much-loved Music Express and will be a new fixture in the Highland Jungle zone.

The friendly Skałuchy gnomes, known to Rabkoland visitors from the Stone Train, dig tunnels under Rabkoland and feed on the delicious Rabka Zdrój rocks. A crazy, huge machine called the ROCK EATER is helping them drive tunnels through the rocks and bore caves in them. Its big arms move up and down, forwards and backwards - there is no rock that can stop it!

From the 2022 season onwards, Skałuchy will gladly take you for a ride on the Rock Eater, which accommodates as many as 30 people at a time. This huge merry-go-round will test your courage, giving you lots of fantastic fun and excitement in return!

It is surrounded by a beautiful rock-themed decoration and it is suitable for children taller than 110 cm. The merry-go-round will have 10 arms, each accommodating three people, meaning that a total of 30 people will be able to enjoy it at the same time.

From Krucabomba's notes:

"My new rock drilling machine is somewhat strange. In addition to cutting through rocks, just as I planned, it also produces music... but why? Krucabomba! I need to investigate this properly!"

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