When a happy family visits an amusement park in some Hollywood film, the highlight of the trip is... winning a teddy bear, of course!

In Rabkoland, you will also have the chance to try your hand at aiming, hitting, knocking off and throwing things: real challenges await you at Winnings!

What about the prizes? They're like from a fairy tale! Every kid will burst with pride, bragging to their friends about their dad's heroic deed!

Some of the most important rules applicable at the shooting range:

Point 4. Do not throw the hamster without its consent!
Point 5. Before throwing the hamster at a target, check that it is wearing a helmet.
Point 11. Remember, if you throw a hamster, you agree for the hamster to throw you too!
Point 12. Nevertheless, the manager of the shooting range suggests using canvas bags for throwing.

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