Safety Information (COVID-19)

Dear Guests, Due to numerous questions, we have assembled a handful of information for you related to your visit to Rabkoland during the increased sanitary measures introduced due to the pandemic.

We guarantee that in 2020 the comfort of your visit will be even greater than in previous years, and the lack of queues to attractions fully compensates for the few inconveniences. Most of the duties related to safety are in the hands of our employees, who take care of disinfection on an ongoing basis. Rabkoland is a great place for the whole family to rest and forget about the pandemic for a moment!

Online tickets and cashless payments

We strongly encourage you to use our online store and purchase all the necessary tickets before visiting Rabkoland - thanks to this you can enter our amusement park through the main gate, without queuing. If you want to buy tickets at the box office, we encourage you to pay by card. In all food outlets and gift shop you can pay without cash, or by using contactless payment systems.

Masks in the park

In Rabkoland, you don't have to a wear a mask while enjoying the attractions or walking along the walkways. The exceptions are two attractions located in closed rooms - the Museum of the Order of the Smile and Markie the Clown's House, where guests should cover their faces. You do not have to put on masks to enjoy the rides, playgrounds and other open attractions. Remember to maintain safe social distancing of 1.5 metres away from other guests!

No reservation required

As in all amusement parks, Rabkoland also has limits on the number of people allowed, calculated based on area. So we count our guests, and we count ... and we can see one thing: with the introduction of limits, the number of people visiting amusement parks has significantly decreased, including our guests. Therefore, you can come to Rabkoland without a reservation and without fear that you will not be able to enter the park due to the number of guests being exceeded.


Your safety is very important to us, which is why we take disinfection very seriously at Rabkoland. Attendants at rides disinfect handles and handrails after each ride. We also have a special team responsible for the hygiene of all elements of the Park's decor, such as benches, litter bins, decorations and figures. The entire park is disinfected again after closing time.
There are over 40 stations with hand disinfectant waiting for guests. Please make friends with them and use them frequently. Don't forget about the children - little hands must also be clean :)

Technical breaks - only at playgrounds

As all the rides and attractions (and not only) are disinfected on an ongoing basis, we do not have to take technical breaks to clean Rabkoland. You can have fun with us all day, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. The only exception are playgrounds, which may be temporarily out of use for the duration of cleaning (max. 20 minutes). During this time, we invite you to other attractions and playgrounds, where more adventures await!

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