Wycieczki - Grupy zorganizowane w Parku Rozrywki Rabkoland

Tours - organised groups


Price list for trips - organised groups (from 15 people)

We can only offer service to groups that have reported their arrival by phone or email at least one day before the date of arrival.

Discover our packages

Little Inventor

PLN 59 / person

Ticket + Krucabomba lesson package!
approx. 45 min lesson + workshops

Get to know the story of the crazy inventor Gadzooks and his funny helpers, iRena's Sheep. The lesson is conducted throughout the park with an emphasis on the scientist's workshop, the Machinarium. Classes are a creative form of fun and are sure to awaken the Little Inventor in every child.

How did the Vikings live?

55 PLN / person

Ticket + lesson package
approx. 30 min lesson

A lesson in which kids learn about life in medieval Scandinavia. Participants discover a new culture thanks to a short, interesting animated film and through physical activities. There is also an armour and weapons display! After the lesson, everyone receives a Viking Diploma.

Theatrical Rabkoland

55 PLN / person

Ticket + lesson package
approx. 30 min lesson

The Let's Play Theatre workshops prepare each student for culture classes. Mr. Puppet talks about the types of theatre and demonstrates different types of puppets. The lesson ends with a short performance in which the whole group takes an active part.

Zgłoszenie grupy zorganizowanej Park Rozrywki
Check in an organised group
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[email protected] lub tel. +48 533 763 800 

We are aware that Rabkoland is an attractive destination for group trips organised by kindergartens and primary schools. With this in mind, we have prepared an attractive package of promotions and discounts for people who are members of such organised groups. A visit to the Park will be a great adventure and unforgettable fun for the children and their caregivers. And all of this at stunningly low prices!

Organisation of package tours

Organizacja wycieczek Rabkoland

We want the children who come to us to be provided with the highest quality of service.

Therefore, please contact us before your planned arrival. You can contact us by phone or email. It is best to do this a few days before the planned date of your trip (or at the latest, one day before visiting our amusement park). In organised groups, each person pays 39 PLN  - at this price, you can enjoy the attractions we've prepared all day long, as many times as you want. You can buy a lesson package for the ticket, regardless of whether it is a school trip or a kindergarten trip.

Getting to Rabkoland

Dojazd do Rabkolandu dla grup zorganizowanych

organised groups can reach us by bus or train.

Private buses run between Kraków and Zakopane and Rabka, as often as several times an hour. The walk from the bus station to the amusement park takes about 15 minutes, and if you get off at the Orkan Museum, the walk is shortened to 5 minutes. Of course, you can also rent a bus from a private transport company. A chartered bus can quickly and safely take the participants of your trip to the very gates of our Amusement Park. Check the details of how to get to Rabkoland!

This will undoubtedly be an attraction in itself for children. There are direct trains between Krakow and Zakopane and Rabka, but in the morning hours there is only one connection. You can also decide to come by train on the Kraków-Chabówka-Zakopane line. After getting off in Chabówka, you can go the rest of the way to Rabkoland on foot (it takes about 40 minutes) or you can choose to take one of the buses running between Chabówka and Rabka.


You can pay for your ticket in person at the ticket office of the park. It is also possible to pay for tickets with a payment card or by bank transfer to the account number provided on the website.