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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as their acceptance is a necessary condition to make purchases in our store rabkoland.pl run by Park Rodzinny Piotr Wiecha, NIP number 954-237-14-30, telephone number +48 18 26 76 957, mobile +48 533 763 800, email address: [email protected]


Terms and Conditions - these terms and conditions

Seller - Park Rodzinny Piotr Wiecha, ul. Słowackiego 16, 40-094 Katowice, NIP number 954-237-14-30,

Consumer - a natural person who purchases Goods from the Seller for consideration, not related directly to its business or professional activity

Customer - a natural person, legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality, to which the relevant provisions of law grant legal capacity, acquiring for a fee Goods in connection with their business or professional activity


Buyer - this means both the Consumer and the Customer

Store - this is the online store located at the website www.rabkoland.pl

Goods (or Product) - products displayed on the Store's website, offered for sale by the Seller on the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions

Price - the gross value of the Goods provided for each Goods on the Store's website, taking into account the applicable tax on goods and services (VAT)

Delivery cost - remuneration borne by the Buyer related to the delivery of the Goods ordered from the Store to the place designated by the Buyer, which includes the following costs: securing the goods, transport, collection costs.

Order - an activity consisting in the acceptance by the Buyer of the offer presented to him by the Seller, submitted by the Buyer using the mechanisms available on the Store's website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Sales agreement - an agreement for the purchase of Goods resulting from the implementation of an Order concluded between the Seller and the Buyer on the terms specified by them.


1. These Terms and Conditions are available on the website: http://rabkoland.pl/regulamin and define the terms of the execution of Orders using means of distance communication.

2. The Buyer accepts these Terms and Conditions when placing an order as follows:

a) when making purchases by electronic means, during the ordering process, by selecting the appropriate information in the place designated under the statement: I accept the Terms and Conditions

b) when concluding agreements in person at the seat of the Seller, by signing the form under the statement "I accept the Terms and Conditions".

1. The Consumer agrees to be sent information covered by these Terms and Conditions by email.
2. Determining the type and scope of services provided electronically:

Rabkoland.pl is also an online store through which Buyers can purchase goods and services offered there.

5. Below are the technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the ICT system used by the Seller:

- a computer, laptop, smartphone or other multimedia device with Internet access

- access to electronic mail

- a web browser

- JavaScript and saving Cookies enabled in the web browser

6. Making purchases through Rabkoland.pl requires the acceptance of Cookies by the Buyer's browser
7. The website works on the following properly configured browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- Opera

- Google Chrome

- Safari

8. Conditions for concluding contracts for the provision of electronic services:

To place an order, you must register on the Store's website and fill out the form indicated on the page or provide the required data for purchases without registration.

An order is placed by selecting the appropriate Product, selecting the quantity and then clicking the "buy" icon. The remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall apply accordingly.

9. The store operates only in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
10. The Buyer may consent to receive advertising and commercial information from the Seller via the completed form.
11. 2. The Seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Orders placed before the date of introducing changes to the Terms and Conditions are implemented on the basis of the provisions in force on the date of placing the Order.
12. Any orders placed by the Buyer to the Seller shall entail the Buyer's obligation to pay the Seller the indicated Price.
13. The Buyer is obliged to pay for the ordered Goods and cover the costs of delivery and other costs in accordance with the order confirmation.
14. The Seller shall clearly indicate, at the latest at the beginning of the Order submission, clear and legible information about the delivery restrictions and the accepted methods of payment.


1. To be able to use the Store's website, you must register or provide the required data for purchases without registration and accept the Terms and Conditions. You can register by clicking on the "log in" button, and then entering all the required data and accepting these Terms and Conditions.
2. After your registration, our Store will generate an automatic email with a link activating your account in our Store. These Terms and Conditions constitute an attachment to the email sent. From the moment you activate your account, you can make purchases. This can be done in two ways: by logging in before you start shopping, or later, after entering Goods into your basket.
3. In order to place an order, you can also use the immediate order option - Order with payment obligation. After adding products to the basket, select the "Buy and pay" option and provide the required data.


1. When you place an Order via the Store, the Prices of individual Products shown in this order are binding until they are collected in the park. However, if you leave our website without placing an order, the price is no longer binding.
2. The offer is valid for 24 hours from the moment of entering the website.
3. The Buyer has the right to choose the payment method of the Price from the following methods:
4.a) electronic bank transfer
5. b) credit card
6. In the case of payment by electronic bank transfer or credit card, the Buyer is automatically redirected to an external payment service and follows the instructions contained therein. Credit card transactions and e-money transfers are conducted via the Dotpay payment system.
7. The date of receipt of the payment of the Price and Delivery Costs is the date of receipt by the Seller of the confirmation of payment provided by payment operators.
8. The Seller does not charge any additional fees for the Buyer's use of one of the payment methods indicated above, in addition to the fees borne by the Seller.
9. The necessary data to make the transfer are as follows: Seller - Park Rodzinny Piotr Wiecha, ul. Słowackiego 16, 40-094 Katowice, 69843700020010014794440001 (Śląski Bank Spółdzielczy Silesia)
10. Payments must be made within the time specified in the order.
11. All prices are given in Polish złoty.
12. The prices provided are gross amounts.
13. If a price of 0 PLN appears for any of the product, this is an error meaning that there is no product; please report it. In such a case, the sales agreement is not concluded.
14. At the latest when the Buyer expresses his will to enter into the sales agreement, the Seller is obliged to obtain the Buyer's express consent for any additional payment exceeding the agreed Price and Delivery costs
15. In the case of online purchase of a ticket, the costs of delivery of the goods are not added.
16. The on-line ticket will be sent to the Customer by email and must be presented at the cash desk of the Park, where it will be exchanged for a wristband entitling the guest to use all attractions of the Park, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the facility.

Wearing a wristband is obligatory to use the facilities of the Park.

16. Season tickets are available at the ticket office of the Park. Before picking up the season ticket, you may be asked to provide the data necessary for the implementation of the seasonal card, including having a photo taken by the park staff.
17. After purchasing tickets to the Park, an order confirmation will be sent to the Buyer's email. This must be presented at the ticket office of the Park in order to receive tickets and wristbands for the day.
18. The order is valid only if it has been paid for and the information has been received by the Seller.
19. It may happen that the system does not work properly and the information on the payment does not reach the Seller. We will then make every effort to clarify the matter. The payment system should also send a payment confirmation to the Buyer's email. We have no influence on whether such confirmation is sent, but failure to receive it should make the Buyer “vigilant” as to the effectiveness of the transaction.
20. 20. If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact us. We will then make every effort to quickly clarify the matter.
21. Information and photos of the Goods presented on the Seller's website and other marketing materials are protected by copyright.  It is forbidden to copy, distribute and present on other websites these without the prior consent of the Seller.


1. Tickets can only be used during the season in which they were purchased and during the Park's opening hours.
2. 2. The order is submitted to the Seller by the Buyer in electronic form using the service available on the website and constitutes an offer to conclude an agreement for the sale of the Goods on the Store's website for a specific Price. The agreement is concluded at the time of confirmation of the order by the Seller in the form of an email. The confirmation includes the date of the order, the order number, the parties to the contract, the description of the Goods, the Price, and the terms of payment. Along with the confirmation, the Seller will send the Buyer the Terms and Conditions in the form of an attachment.
3. 3. The above constitutes the content of the agreement sent to the Buyer by email to the address provided by the Buyer.
4. 4. Along with the order confirmation, the Seller does not send the Buyer a VAT invoice or receipt.
5. A VAT invoice or a receipt will be issued to the Buyer by the company servicing the sale of tickets in the park.


1. The Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement for the sale of Goods without giving a reason. The deadline for the withdrawal expires 14 days after the Consumer takes possession of the Product or a third party, other than the carrier and designated by the Consumer takes possession of the Product.
2. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
3. In order to exercise the right to withdraw from the agreement for the sale of Goods, the Buyer should submit a declaration of withdrawal from the agreement.
4. A declaration of will may also be submitted electronically in the following form:

- by submitting a declaration on the website of the Rabkoland.pl Store

If the Consumer uses the option described above, the Seller will immediately send the Consumer a confirmation of receipt of the intent to withdraw from the agreement on a durable medium in the form of a message sent by -mail to the email address provided by the Consumer.

5. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the Seller returns all payments received from the Consumer, no later than 14 days from the date on which the Store received information about the withdrawal from the agreement by the Consumer.
6. The reimbursement will be made by the Seller using the same payment methods that were used by the Consumer in the original transaction, unless the Consumer has expressly agreed to a different solution. The Seller may withhold refund of payment until the ordered product has been returned or until the proof of return is provided to him/her, whichever occurs first. 13. If the consumer has chosen a way to provide the Goods other than the cheapest normal delivery option offered by the Seller, the Seller is not obliged to reimburse the Consumer the additional costs incurred.
7. The Consumer bears the direct costs of returning the Goods (including the cost of packing the goods properly for transport and shipping costs), unless the Seller offers to collect the goods from the Consumer.
8. 8. The Consumer is obliged to return the Goods to the Seller or hand them over to a person authorized by the Seller to collect them promptly, no later than 14 days from the date on which the Consumer has withdrawn from the agreement, unless the Seller offers to collect the Goods himself. It is sufficient for the Consumer to send back the Product before the expiry of this period to comply with the deadline.


1. Within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of the ordered Goods, the Buyer has the right to exchange the Goods for others.
2.  In the event of exchanging the Product for another one, the costs of sending the purchased Product to the Seller and the costs of shipping the new Product are covered by the Buyer. If the exchange is a result of the Seller's error, the costs are covered by the Seller.
3. Before exchanging, please make sure that the selected product is available.


1. 1. The Consumer has the option of using extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and redress. Complaints are accepted on the basis of a document confirming purchase. The time for considering a complaint is 14 business days from the moment of its submission. Complaints should be submitted to the following address: Rabkoland, ul. Słowackiego 16, 40-094 Katowice.


The personal data Controller is Park Rodzinny Piotr Wiecha, ul. Słowackiego 16, 40-094 Katowice.

Provision of data is voluntary, but necessary for the above-mentioned purpose.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data for purposes related to the execution of the order, including the exercise of warranty rights by our company: Park Rodzinny Piotr Wiecha, ul. Słowackiego 16 in Katowice. Personal data will not be transferred by the Seller to other entities, except for situations where the provision of such data is necessary to perform the order and the rights resulting therefrom, in this respect in accordance with art. 24 sec. 1 point 3 and 4 of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data, providing data is voluntary, and moreover, each User has the right to access their data and the right to correct them.

At any time, you have the right to request the removal of your personal data from our database and withdrawal of consent to their processing. For this purpose, please send us a written request for removal by email.

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