Bilety indywidualne do Parku Rozrywki w Małopolsce

Individual tickets



All 1-day tickets valid until the end of the 2022 season!

Season tickets - daily fun throughout the entire 2021 season *!
* valid on days on which the park is open from May to September

Bon TurystycznyMałopolska - Bezpieczna Turystyka

Individual customers

Child up to 90 cm
Ticket from 90 to 120 cm
PLN 59
Ticket over 120 cm
PLN 69


Year-round ticket up to 120cm
PLN 149

from May to September

A year-round ticket over 120cm
PLN 169

from May to September

Senior ticket + 60 years
PLN 39
Ticket for pregnant women *
PLN 39

* with pregnancy card

Ticket for people with disabilities *
PLN 10

* with a valid ID or certificate
* the guardian pays according to the price list

Birthday ticket *
PLN 10

* +/- 5 days from the date of birth

* up to 12 years of age

Discount for two hours tickets before close
- 10%

Discounts on main day tickets

Possibility of purchase only on site at the ticket office of the park.

Discount for people with the Large Family Card
- 10%

Discounts on main day tickets.

Possibility of purchase only on site at the ticket office of the park.

* Discounts cannot be combined

The price of the admission ticket includes the use of all attractions of the park, any number of times,
all day, except for coin-operated arcade games, food outlets and the gift shop.

Oferta dla grup zorganizowanych
Offer for organised groups
organised groups, please contact us by email:
[email protected] or tel. +48 533 763 800 

We have prepared an extensive package of promotions and discounts for individual clients. Want to find out what the applicable ticket prices for people coming to us individually or in an immediate family circle are ? Be sure to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the best option for you.

Normal ticket prices

Cennik biletów - bawiące się dzieci

Guests visiting the park can buy an entrance ticket for the whole day.

This entitles you to unlimited access to the various attractions available in the amusement park. The price of a normal ticket depends on the child's height. Toddlers whose height does not exceed 90 cm are entitled to free entry and play at a variety of attractions (of course, under the watchful eye of caregivers who ensure their safety). If, on the other hand, the child's height is between 90 and 120 cm, the ticket price is 59 PLN.  The entrance ticket price for those taller than 120 cm is 69 PLN.

If you and your family intend to visit Rabkoland regularly throughout the year, a season ticket for 149PLN for children below 120cm and 169 PLN per person above 120cm is a great deal. This season ticket entitles you to unlimited participation in various attractions organised by the amusement park from May to September.

Discount ticket prices

Ceny biletów ulgowych

Rabkoland offers a set of unforgettable attractions not only for children and their parents, but also for seniors,

who can buy a special price ticket for 39 PLN. This same ticket price applies to pregnant women with a pregnancy card. Additionally, disabled people who have a valid ID card or a certificate confirming their health condition pay only 10 PLN for an entrance ticket. It should be remembered, however, that the guardian of such a person is obliged to pay the full price of a normal one-day ticket.

A visit to Rabkoland is also a perfect birthday gift for the youngest kids. For only 10 PLN, the little birthday boy or girl will be able to "go wild" on our rides. Persons with the Large Family Card (Karta Dużej Rodziny) visiting the park after 4.00 p.m. can count on a discount of 10% compared to the price of a normal 1-day ticket. All normal and discount tickets can be purchased in person, at the ticket office of the park or via the website.

It is worth remembering that the proposed discounts cannot be combined with each other. As part of the purchased tickets, you can enjoy all the rides and other attractions available in Rabkoland as many times as you like. This does not apply to the gift shop, dining options or coin-operated arcade games.