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Where is Rabkoland located?

Rabkoland is located in the very centre of Rabka Zdrój. The town is located at the intersection of the Kraków - Zakopane and Nowy Sącz - Bielsko Biała routes. The road to Slovakia with the border crossing in Chyżne also branches here.

Is there an ATM or cashpoint in the park?

There is no ATM in the park. However, there is one very close - approx. 300 meters away - the Pekao bank ATM (exit from the Highland Jungle zone). You can leave the park to use the ATM and then return without interruption.

Is there a parking lot and how much does it cost?

Of course, we have parking and it is completely free of charge. It is located near the main entrance on the river side at ul. Rynek.

What kind of children is the park intended for?

Rides and attractions located in the park are intended for children from 2 years of age and up. At each attraction, there are regulations or staff that will tell you whether your child can use a carousel or ride on their own or will require adult supervision.

We are planning a wedding session in an amusement park. Is this possible in Rabkoland?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to invite young couples to take advantage of our wedding sessions package. Please contact us by email to arrange the date and obtain information: [email protected].

What about bad weather?

Rabkoland Park is open even when the weather is bad. During rain showers, you can always hide under roofs, in the food outlets, or have fun at the indoor attractions. During heavy rainfall and very low visitor attendance, Rabkoland reserves the right to shorten the park's operating hours.

What should I take with me when planning a trip to Rabkoland?

It is always a good idea to be prepared for changing weather conditions. Please bring suitable clothing and comfortable shoes. For children, it is also good to prepare dry clothes for a change, as well as a towel - there are several water squares in the park. On sunny days, it's good to have sunglasses and sunscreen with you. It is also worth getting ready for great fun and unforgettable moments that can be captured on video or in photos! If discounts apply to you, please remember about the documents that certify your entitlement to discounts.

Opening hours

When does the season start and what are the opening hours?

The 2023 season begins on April 28 and will likely run until October 1. During this time, the park will be open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (or 5.00 pm during the week in May and September)

Is Rabkoland open on non-trading Sundays?

Yes. The park is open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., even on non-trading Sundays.

Is Rabkoland open on public holidays and non-working days?

Yes, of course. Rabkoland is open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., as well as on every holiday and non-working day during the season.


How much is the entrance ticket to Rabkoland?

Ticket prices in the 2023 season:

  • Ticket for children up to 90 cm: free
  • Ticket for children from 90-120 cm: 69 PLN
  • Normal ticket for a person from 120 cm and taller: 89 PLN
  • Birthday ticket (up to 12 years old) +/- 5 days from the date of birth: 19 PLN
  • Disabled persons (upon presentation of an ID card): 19 PLN
  • Pregnant woman (upon presentation of a pregnancy card): 49 PLN
  • Seniors (over 60 years old): 49 PLN
  • Year-round ticket (season) for person below 120cm: 199 PLN
  • Year-round ticket (season) for person above 120cm: 249 PLN

Additionally, we have prepared a number of discounts for you:

  • 10% discount on tickets from two hours before closing
  • 10% discount for tickets with a Large Family Card

Discounts cannot be combined.

The price list is valid in the 2023 season.

The current price list is also available on the website.

Where can I buy a ticket to Rabkoland?

Tickets to Rabkoland can be purchased at the ticket office during the Park's hours of operation from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. or via the Internet. To avoid queues, we recommend that you buy tickets in our online sales system, available on the website.

What is a season ticket?

The season ticket entitles you to have fun and visit Rabkoland every day in the 2023 season. You can use all rides and attractions as much as you want, from the day of purchase to the end of the season.

The ticket does not include coin-operated arcade games, lotteries or food outlets.

How long is a ticket purchased online valid?

All tickets purchased online can be used on any day until the end of the 2023 season.

Are there family tickets?

We do not offer family tickets. Each guest is obliged to purchase an individual ticket, although discounts are available based on height, etc. For larger families, we offer a discount with the Large Family Card.

The current price list is also available on the website.

What is included in the admission ticket?

The price of the admission ticket includes the use of all attractions, rides, playgrounds, and shows available in the Park without any limits.

You'll need to pay a fee for the use of coin-operated arcade games, lotteries, food outlet services, and services such as face painting, tattoos and products in stores.

Is it possible to accompany someone in Rabkoland, without using the attractions?

You cannot enter the park only to accompany a paying guest. Each entry to the Park includes the possibility of using all available attractions and rides throughout the day without limits and also applies to guests who do not want to or cannot use certain rides or attractions. For guests like these, we offer quieter attractions, as well as numerous shows and games with animators.

About the park

Are there any additional paid attractions in the park?

All attractions in the Rabkoland Amusement Park are included in the ticket price. Only coin-operated arcade games, lotteries and food outlets require additional payment.

Is food available in Rabkoland?

There are as many as 9 food outlets in Rabkoland where you can eat. 

Can I smoke in the park?

There are designated places in the park where every adult can smoke. Remember, however, that Rabkoland is a park for children - so please do not expose non-smokers and children to harmful substances and smoke only in designated areas.

Can I pay by card in the park?

Of course, we accept payment by credit card. Payment by card can be made both for admission tickets and for most food outlets and shops in Rabkoland.

Can I leave the park and then return to continue the fun?

If you want to leave Rabkoland and then return to the Park, ask the employee at the gates for a special stamp before leaving. This will allow you to return to the Park on the same day. NOTICE! Keep your Rabkoland entrance ticket, as you will be required to show it on your return.

Is there a water park?

The park does not have a large water park with slides and swimming pools, but there are several water squares in Rabkoland that will keep you cool on hot days. Also ask about combined tickets with our partners, which include thermal baths with a water park.

Is there a secluded place in the park to change or breastfeed my baby?

Yes, there is a Mother and Child Room in the Highland Jungle zone. You can not only change your baby there, but also easily feed your baby.

Are there lines at the ticket office and attractions?

Currently, we have increased the number of ticket offices and made it easier to buy a ticket online, which in practice has reduced the queues at the entrance to the park to a minimum. Holidays and Sundays may be an exception. Queues for rides and attractions are very rare due to the large number of attractions, and the longest queues to the most popular of these take about 20 minutes.

Can I book accommodation in Rabkoland?

Rabkoland does not have its own accommodation facilities. However, the region and Rabka itself -  a spa town - have a wide variety of accommodation solutions.

Discounts and promotions

Does Rabkoland honour the Large Family Card?

Yes, Rabkoland respects the Large Family Card, which entitles you to a 10% discount on tickets to the park when purchasing tickets only at the ticket offices. The discount does not apply to seasonal, group and discounted tickets.

1 card is valid for one ticket. You must present a valid Large Family Card at the Park's ticket office.

Is there a birthday ticket in Rabkoland?

All persons up to 12 years of age inclusive, within +/- 5 days from the date of birth, pay a symbolic fee of 19 PLN for a no-limit ticket to the park. You'll need to present a document confirming your identity and the fact that you have a birthday on this day.

Are there discounts for groups?

We have a special offer for organised groups. The group must include a minimum of 15 people. In order to book a group visit and determine ticket prices, please register at least one day in advance: +48 533 763 800 or [email protected].

I am a disabled person. What rides and attractions can I use and what discounts apply to me?

Disabled people (with a valid ID) pay only 19 PLN for a one-day admission ticket. This is also a no-limit ticket which means you can use all the rides and attractions as much as you want. However, depending on the degree of your disability, you may be asked to ride with an attendant or discouraged from using certain carousels.

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